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Twice-Baked, Once Used: Operating-Room Sterilizers for Sale

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Operating-room sterilizers are made up of several different types of machines. Cryo-freeze sterilization can kill bacteria, germs, viruses, and micro-organisms that do not survive below zero degrees Celsius. Extreme-heat sterilizers kill all infectious organisms that cannot survive above the body temperature of humans, or about ninety-nine degrees Fahrenheit. Chemical sterilizers use both heat and chemical baths to clean and sterilize operating instruments. Finally, autoclaves use pressurized steam heat to accomplish the same task. If you are worried about buying previously used sterilizers, here are some reasons why you should not be concerned as well as some information about the sterilizers' costs.

All of These Machines Are Fully Tested and Pass Inspection

When an operating-room sterilizer is "refurbished," this usually means that it just needs an upgrade or a new part. The sterilizer worked before, and after being refurbished, it will work even better. After the parts on these machines have been replaced, the machines are fully tested. This usually involves placing some used operating instruments into the machines, running a sterilization cycle, and then taking swab samples from the instruments to view under a microscope. If the instruments are sterilized, the machine passes inspection and is ready for purchase. If not, the machines go back to the repair shop until they either pass or fail one too many times to be a valuable and useful machine.

Some Machines Come with a Short-Term Warranty or Guarantee

If you are still a little wary about buying a refurbished sterilizer, ask the sales agent about machines that still have a limited or extended short-term warranty or guarantee attached. Some machines still have theirs intact, and you may be able to purchase an extended warranty on a few others. The sales companies tend to offer these as "peace-of-mind" policies so that customers will feel more comfortable about purchasing the used sterilizers. 

The Cost Involved Is Lower Than That of Brand-New Machines

Perhaps the biggest possible benefit to purchasing your refurbished operating room sterilizers is that you get a very big discount on your machines. When you need one in a pinch, and you need the sterilizer as soon as possible, this is the most financially economical option. For example, a new autoclave, depending on size, could cost as little as a few hundred dollars or as much as tens of thousands of dollars for walk-in models. You can expect to pay anywhere from half to two thirds the price of new when you choose to purchase refurbished operating-room sterilizers.

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