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Tips for Success When Using a Nebulizer for Your Asthma

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If your physician has just prescribed nebulizer treatments to help relieve your chronic asthma symptoms, then you will be pleased to learn that the treatments are simple to perform and will make you feel a lot better. Nebulizer treatments help to open up your airway and lungs, and with some simple tips, you can work your new treatments into your busy schedule without any hassles. To this end, follow these tips for success when using your new nebulizer to treat your asthma:

Keep Your Nebulizer's Filter Clean

The compressor on your nebulizer has a small filter that keeps airborne contaminants out of its air hoses. When this filter becomes clogged, it will make the compressor work harder to bring air into the system and this places a strain on the motor. For this reason, you should check the filter on your nebulizer at least once each week and change it when it starts to look soiled.

Change Your Nebulizer Set When Advised

Nebulizers can be used with two different types of sets:

  1. disposable nebulizer sets
  2. reusable nebulizer sets

A disposable nebulizer set can only be used for a handful of treatments before it needs to be replaced. In contrast, reusable nebulizer sets are designed for long-term use. To ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your nebulizer treatment, make sure that you replace your nebulizer set when it is time to do so.

Consider Using a Breath-Enhanced Nebulizer Set

One thing you can do to speed up your nebulizer treatments and lower your medication waste is to use a breath-enhanced nebulizer set. This type of nebulizer set uses a larger tube and makes your treatments last for a shorter period of time. Once you are done with your treatment, then you can place the breath-enhanced nebulizer into your dishwasher to clean it for your next treatment.

Consider Purchasing a Mobile Nebulizer

Finally, if you are on the run a lot and are concerned with having to lug around a home nebulizer, then you should speak with your doctor about getting a mobile nebulizer. Mobile nebulizers are smaller than home nebulizers and use batteries instead of running on electricity. Their portability means that you can use a mobile nebulizer in your car or in your hotel room when you travel for business. Portable nebulizers work just as well as home units and can free up some of your time by allowing you to multitask while keeping up with your treatments. 

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