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Covering Two Of Your Concerns About Knee Scooters

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When you have suffered an injury to your leg, you may assume that crutches or wheelchairs are the only options for helping you to get around while your leg is recovering. However, this is far from the case, and there are numerous mobility aids that you can use during this process. One of the more common options is the knee scooter. This device that allows you to rest one leg while still using the other for propulsion, but if you have never encountered or needed these items before, you may have a couple of questions about them. 

How High Should Your Knee Scooter Pad Be Positioned?

One of the most difficult parts of adjusting to life with your knee scooter is making it comfortable for you to use. Some people make the mistake of over or under adjusting the pad, which can result in an increase in the amount of stress on the healthy leg. In fact, this additional stress can make you more likely to suffer a major injury to your other leg, but there are a couple of tips you can follow to help minimize this risk. 

When adjusting the primary pad, you should start out with it being at a comparable height as your other knee. Once your injured leg is in the scooter, you want your healthy one to be only slightly bent. If it is excessively bent or not bent at all, you will start to experience discomfort shortly after starting to use the device.

Why Are The Wheels Making A Grinding Sound?

After you have been using the mobility scooter for a few days or weeks, you may notice that the wheels are starting to encounter issues. This often occurs because dirt or other debris has accumulated around the wheel's axle. Also, it may be possible that the lubricant on the wheel has start to wear down, which could also lead to these issues. 

To determine the exact cause of this issue, you will need to disassemble the wheel. While this may seem like an intimidating task, the owner's manual to your knee scooter will provide you with all of the details you need to accomplish this task. However, if you are renting the scooter, you should contact the provider about any problems because you may be liable for any damages that you accidentally cause to it while repairing the wheel. 

Using a knee scooter can be an excellent way of ensuring that you are able to freely move around while recovering from a leg injury. By learning how to correctly position the scooter's knee pad and how to correct problems with the wheels, you can be better able to ensure your use of these devices is as pleasant and problem-free as possible. Contact KneeRover for more information about knee scooters.