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Preparing For Your Babysitter? 3 Things You Should Add To That First Aid Kit

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Are you worried about preparing your babysitter for an unexpected emergency with your kids? Instead of simply posting local law enforcement numbers in obvious places, you should consider bolstering the quality of your household emergency supplies. Here are three things you should add to that first aid kit, and how it might help your babysitter down the road:

1: Prescription Medications

Do any of your children take medication on a daily basis? If your child is medicated for an ongoing health condition, it can be frustrating to suddenly run out of prescription drugs—especially if you are away. If your babysitter can't run to the pharmacy or the drug store has closed for the day, it could put your child at risk.

For these reasons, it is important to stock your first aid kit with a few extra doses of prescription medications. If you don't have a lot of extra medicine on hand, talk with your doctor about writing an additional prescription for storage purposes. Since medicines expire, check your first aid kit regularly to make sure that pills and syrups are still safe to take.   

2: An Extra Medical Insurance Card

If your child faces a sudden medical emergency while you are away, your babysitter might need to call paramedics or take your child directly to the hospital. Unfortunately, without a medical insurance card on hand, it might be easy for the medical provider to make paperwork mistakes that can cause problems later.

To eliminate this possibility, always leave an extra medical insurance card inside of your first aid kit for each one of your children. Make sure that your child's name is spelled correctly, and that you update your address with the insurance company if you move. It might seem like a small detail, but by providing the right information to your medical provider, you can streamline the process.

3: Emergency Information

Last but not least, it is important to keep important emergency information inside of your first aid kit. Here are a few key pieces of data that might be helpful to a babysitter:

  • Child-Specific Tips: What tricks do you use to get Mark to take his inhaler? If you have any child-specific tips that might help a babysitter to administer first aid, write them down.
  • In-Network Hospitals: Out-of-Network hospitals might not be covered by your insurance plan, so make sure to leave a note with your preferred medical offices.

Taking the time to customize your first aid kit might help you to rest a little easier while you are away, and help your babysitter to be more effective during an emergency. You can also look into first aid kits for sale.